Thursday, January 17, 2013

Films I am looking forward to in 2013

2012 is over so it's time to look ahead to movies coming out in 2013! This list is in no particular order and I'm sure I'll add films to it as the year goes on. This is my last list post until next year. My next posts will be catching up on movies I saw the last two months.

My most anticipated movie of 2013 was Charlie Kauffman's satirical musical-comedy about Hollywood, Frank or Francis. Although the project got put on hold I'm still looking forward to the film whenever it comes out. Now let's look at some movies that will indeed be released in 2013.

The Zero Theorem
Terry Gilliam is one of my favorite directors and I'm very happy that he will be directing another film since he was considering retirement earlier.
The Zero Theorem will be Gilliam's most recent film since The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and the cast includes Christopher Waltz, Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, and David Thewlis.

Pacific Rim
The next film by Guillermo del Toro (director of Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth among others),
Pacific Rim is about humans in huge robot suits fighting off giant alien monsters.

I loved Neill Blomkamp's feature film debut District 9 and am looking forward to his second movie Elysium, which stars Matt Damon.

Voyage of Time

2011's The Tree of Life featured some fantastic scenes depicting the the history of the universe. Voyage of Time is an IMAX documentary expanding upon those scenes.

Upstream Color
Director Shane Carruth's first film was the low budget (only $7,000!) time travel movie Primer in 2004. It has taken almost ten years but I'm looking forward seeing
Upstream Color, Carruth's second film.

The next film from director Alfonso Cuaron is
Gravity, a sci-fi movie about astronauts trying to return to Earth. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are set to star. I still need to see Cuaron's Children of Men.

Iron Man 3
I have really enjoyed the Marvel Studios movies so far and am looking forward to see what is next with their first post-Avengers flick.

Thor: The Dark World

While I liked Thor I feel that it is the weakest of the Marvel Studios films so far. I have high hopes for Thor: The Dark World since I think it can improve upon the original and focus on the fantasy setting.

Man of Steel

After the successful reinvention of the Batman franchise it makes sense that Superman is getting a reboot as well. Zack Synder (300, Watchmen) will direct while the screenplay is written by David Goyer (The Dark Knight).

I'm a big baseball fan so I'm looking forward to this biopic about Jackie Robinson. It seems to be in good hands as the screen writer and director is Brian Helgeland who wrote L.A. Confidential (Oscar winner for best screenplay based on previous material) and Mystic River. Harrison Ford will play Branch Rickey, though before he was cast I was wondering if they would go with John Goodman. The real Branch Rickey looked like a combination of the two!

Ender's Game
Ender's Game is the film adaptation of the science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card. Like 42, it also features Harrison Ford. I still need to read the book sometime, hopefully before I watch the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Despite the clunky title I'm looking forward to this sequel to the rebooted Star Trek. I liked the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek but wasn't a fan of the Romulan villain, Nero (played by Eric Bana). Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing a human villain, though it is still not clear if he is playing a new or pre-existing character.

I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan but this Sci-fi flick had a mysterious trailer that caught my attention. And to top it off Morgan Freeman is in it!

Maps to the Stars
Director David Cronenberg is teaming up with actor Robert Pattinson again for
Maps to the Stars, a drama about actors, agents, and managers who work in Hollywood.

Spike Jonze's next film, Her, is a comedy about a lonely writer played by Joaquin Phoenix.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
I still need to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey but I really liked Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Although Oz the Great and Powerful looks along the lines of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I'm a big enough Sam Raimi fan to still want to watch it. Plus I can't wait to see Bruce Campbell's cameo!

Evil Dead

Speaking of Sam Raimi, he and Bruce Campbell are producing a remake of his 1981 film, The Evil Dead. Although I love Army of Darkness I actually still need to get around to watching the first two. The Evil Dead remake doesn't feature the Ash character which I think is a good move. There were rumors that Bruce Campbell will have a cameo but that remains to be seen.

Based on the Dark Horse comic book which I never read, 
R.I.P.D. (Rest in Police Department) is about a recently murdered police officer who joins the supernatural undead police department while trying to find out who killed him. I've never read the comics but the story sounds interesting.

Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

The trailer for this movie looks like it will be a silly, fun action movie. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton play the title characters in this re-imaging of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

2014 movies:

Mad Max: Fury Road
From what I understand director George Miller's fourth Mad Max film will be pushed back from a late 2013 release to sometime in 2014. I've been waiting a while for
Fury Road so I can wait a little longer. Tom Hardy will be playing Max this time.

Like the previous film I had been looking forward to
Interstellar for a while as a future movie by director Steven Spielberg. Spielberg recently handed off the director's chair to Christopher Nolan, whose brother Jonathan Nolan wrote the script.

Which of these films are you looking forward to? Are there any other movies coming out in 2013 that I should be aware of?

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