Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tales from the Archives: The Movie Church - Dec. 2nd 1928

This week's post is going to be short because the Church of the Holy Infancy didn't watch any movies on December 2nd 1928. However, the reason they gave in the schedule is worth talking about.

Although this Roman Catholic Church would usually watch movies every Sunday, they took a break this week due to the Forty Hours' Devotion. The Catholic practice of Forty Hours' Devotion is a forty hour period of continuous prayers while the Blessed Sacrament, or host, is exposed on the altar. The Forty Hours' Devotion usually takes place in a succession of Churches, with one starting the devotion once another Church has finished.

The Church showed these films on Sundays, the traditional day of rest. However, the schedule shows that even though the Church loved their movies, the balanced this hobby with their religious priorities. The Church went back to showing movies the next week, so my next Tales from the Archives post will go back to the same format as my other Movie Church posts.

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