Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall 2012 Schedule Update

My classes are finally over so I plan to get caught up (again!) over my break the next couple of weeks.
My next several posts will be on five movies I saw in theaters in 2012 so far, of which four were also released this year. After that I have a couple of odds and ends to tie up before getting back on track.

After that my schedule is going to change. I am no longer going to do weekly wrap-up posts as its just easier for me to get a post up on a movie right after I see. But hey, this just means I'll be posting more! My classes start in September so I probably won't be able to watch as much as I like but there will be at least a few movie posts up each month.

My Tales from the Archives posts will return on a weekly basis after I am back on schedule. Instead of being posted on Thursdays I am going to move them to Tuesdays. Assuming all goes according to plan that means Tuesday October 2nd will be the long anticipated return of Tales from the Archives! I still have a lot of material on silent and early talkie movies to go through, so it should be an interesting ride through a fascinating time of film history.

Now its time to get posting!

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