Friday, March 30, 2012

Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2

I had seen both these movies a long time ago but they had jumbled together in my head so I had re-watched them both in December. I am going to keep these short since I have seen them before.

Wayne's World
When I re-watch a movie I haven't seen in a long time I always wonder how it will hold up. Sometimes it is better or worse than I remember. In this case Wayne's World was just as fun as I remember!
Wayne's World is right up there with The Blues Brothers as the two best movies based on Saturday Night Live sketches. Although Mike Myers successfully made the jump from SNL regular to movie star (despite recent failures like The Love Guru) Dana Carvey was never able to make the transition. Anybody remember The Master of Disguise?!
The scene in Wayne's World making fun of product placement is brilliant, hilarious, and just as relevant today as it was twenty years ago.
Ed O'Neill, Al Bundy on the TV Show Married with Children, has a small role in both movies as a restaurant manager. We also have a great cameo near the end by Robert Patrick!
One of the things I love about this movie is how it breaks and demolishing the fourth wall. The ending "scenes" are great. Oh and everybody knows the famous Bohemian Rhapsody scene!

Wayne's World 2
Although this movie is not quite as good as the original its still pretty damn funny. The scene where Wayne fights Cassandra's father (played by James Hong) is a riot! Wayne's World 2 is not as focused as first movie which is probably its biggest flaw. Wayne has a dream in which Jim Morrison tells him to hold a big rock concert in Illinois, parodying Field of Dreams. Christopher Walken plays a record producer trying to steal away Wayne's girlfriend. These two plots are a bit disjointed but it works here as the movie never takes itself too seriously and Walken does a good job as a comedic villain.
There is a great cameo near the end by a famous actor but I won't give it away in case you haven't seen the movie.
Although Wayne's World 2 was a moderate success it wasn't a huge hit at the box office like the first movie. But if you love the first Wayne's World do yourself a favor and watch the sequel as I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. And don't just take it from me, Roger Ebert gave both movies 3/4 stars!

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