Thursday, July 28, 2011

50's Monster Movies Blogathon

So in case you haven't noticed this awesome banner yet, today is the first day of the 50s' monster movie blogathon hosted by my good friend Nate at Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear! This Saturday, July 30th, I will be posting my entry in the blogathon. My article will be on the 1956 science fiction classic Forbidden Planet, which is also one of my favorite films! After giving an overview of the film I will analyze whether or not it truly is a monster movie and take at look at how influential this movie has been. Come back on Saturday for that post, but in the meantime check out the other great entries in the blogathon!

There will not be a weekly wrap-up this Sunday as I was busier than I expected recently, and am using most of my free time to work on the Forbidden Planet post. I should be back on schedule next week and I am going to announce that next Saturday's post will be Tales from the Archives, Part 2!
While I am on the topic of business, I am going to change this blog's schedule for the fall. I am still going to just have two posts a week at a regularly scheduled time, the weekly wrap-up and the film topic post, I just want have any intermediate reviews of a single film. I'll probably leave the weekly wrap-up on Sundays but will most likely move the film topic post to a day earlier in the week. I'll figure it out once I know what my schedule will be like, but for the mean time everything should be back on track.

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