Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The First Post

Greetings Citizens!

This is the first post of my first blog, Recently Viewed Movies! The main purpose of this blog is for me to write out thoughts on a movie I have recently seen, although you could probably guess that from the title. I am doing this for several reasons. The main reason simply being that I enjoy films! Another reason is because people will bring up a movie I had seen awhile ago and I might not remember much about it so this blog will help to jog my memory. This blog will give me some experience writing (on a topic I enjoy!) on a regular basis. Finally, a friend of mine started doing some blog-athons so instead of having him post my entries on his blog, I can now post those articles on my very own blog!

For the most part I will write about films that I have seen for the first time. Occasionally I will write about movies I have seen before but usually under certain circumstances such as if it is for a blog-athon or if I had not seen it in years. From time to time I might sneak in a post on an episode of a television show. My favorite TV shows are mainly stuff like the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and Tales from the Crypt. These are anthology shows so each episode is basically a short film anyway. Even shows like Star Trek, Quantum Leap, and Firefly are usually self-contained. If I happen to write about a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode I'll discuss the Satellite of Love parts (host segments, riffs, etc.) as well as the movie itself.

Getting back to movies, I will be updated this blog frequently (at least over the summer) and will put out a several posts a week. Every Saturday I will write a post about announced/upcoming films or a topic such as underrated 80s flicks or 90s sci-fi films or a group of films by an actor or director. For example, this week I will give my thoughts on remakes. Every Sunday I will give a weekly round-up of the movies I saw and reviewed during the past week, and after this brief re-cap I will also announce (or give hints!) as to what movies will be coming up next.

For the actual reviews, I will start out my posts with why I wanted to watch the film. I'll then give a short overview before jumping into what I felt about the film. I love movie trivia so I will certainly include some of that with each post. I will end the post with my closing thoughts and what IMDB score I gave it. IMDB stands for the International Movie DataBase, a website that is valuable film resource as well as a place where anyone can vote on movies, unlike places like MetaCritic which are there for the reviews of established critics. Over the years I have come to that conclusion that trying to review anything with a number score, whether its a book, a movie, or even a toaster, is impossible to quantify and therefore pointless. That said, we are surrounded by some sort of numerical scoring system in our lives whether it is school grades or websites like Rotten Tomatoes. I give movies an IMDB score mainly so that I know I saw the movie and roughly what I felt about it. My vote is a combination of how well made the film was (in which I try to be as objective as possible) and how much I enjoyed the film (in which I am totally subjective!). These blog entries are only my opinions and if you disagree with me repeat to yourself "its just a blog, I should really just relax!" So sit back and enjoy my ride through the world of cinema!


  1. Welcome! It's great that you have started your own blog! I look forward to reading your reviews as you develop your own literary and critical voice!

    You asked me for's some tips:

    1) The set-up is fine. I would recommend adding some pictures to the side of your site so that people will know what it's about. Customization is the name of the game in the blogosphere. You have to stand out somehow.

    2) Include LOTS OF PICTURES in your reviews. Make them fun to look at, not just to read.

    3) This may seem like a no-brainer...but it can really be a game changer: RESPOND TO EVERY COMMENT. Even if it's an anonymous comment saying, "Good review," thank them.

    4) Try to maintain a regular updating schedule. I understand that you will write about movies and shows that you watch, so updates may be sporadic. But try to keep at least one update going at a regular schedule. My friend Jack does this over at his blog:

    He essentially does what you want to do: he writes about whatever he watches and whatever strikes his fancy. But every Sunday he does a post where he gives his thoughts on every movie that he has watched that past week. He only writes a few sentences for each movie, but he gives them a rating and explains why he liked it or disliked it. I'm confident that one of reasons why he has twice as many followers as me (that and...well...he's a phenomenal writer).

    If you want any more advice, tell me! I look forward to your future as a blogger!

  2. Good luck with your new blog, before you know it it will become a wonderful hobby. After you get set up I will help promote your blog..

    Dawn from Noir and Chick Flicks.

  3. Thanks, Dawn!

    See what I mean, Chris? It begins...

  4. Nate: Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. Good point about regular updating. I think what I'll do is similar to Jack's blog and have a weekly round-up. Each movie will have their own post but every Sunday I'll list and briefly go over every movie I saw.

    Dawn: Thanks for the comment and the support! I'm still playing around with the layout but should be getting down to business soon!

  5. Glad to help, bro! By the should REALLY introduce yourself to Jack. He's a great guy who would be more than happy to help.

  6. I'll just go by Nathanael's advice:

    1) My customization practicly is made of a bunch of lists of movies I plan to see/review, not exactly the most impressive way to attract people, but the google searchs help, specially when you list obscure titles (not something I recommend, but still... I do it). Aim for a custom header as well.

    2) My reviews usually have one picture, I think it's enough, but when I looove a film, I put a bunch... or I just go the other way, just pictures and no text.

    3)I've learned this trick just now, it sure serves a lot.

    4)Schedules are hell. I know, I tried to do one and it just consumed me... but well... I aimed for a monday-sunday schedule.

    Have a good journey!

  7. Nate: Will do! We are doing similar things and I really enjoy his blog.

    Jaime: Thanks for the comment and the advice. I have some experience with GIMP so when I get the chance I'll create my own header.

  8. Gee...when you figure out how to do a custom header...let me know, too....

  9. And...WHOA!! I am diggin' that custom link!

  10. Oh...and one more piece of advice...



    Write as much as you can. Even when you feel like you'd rather jump off a cliff than write, write. I can PROMISE you that writing will get easier...but you have to KEEP AT IT.

  11. Nate: I could make you a header in GIMP (open source photoshop), but I haven't used it in awhile and never really made anything like this before. After I make my own I could make you one. I'm glad you like it! The picture is from a lost silent film (I googled "lost film" haha) but I bet you know the two actors in the picture as they are quite famous. Don't worry, I will write often. Including tv shows should keep my options open. I might also include a regular weekly article on my thoughts on announced/upcoming films.

  12. Awesome! I'm looking forward to all of it!

  13. Chris,
    I'm glad you have started your own blog and welcome to our zany world. Your guest post during the Corman Blogathon was great so I have no doubt this blog will be a smashing success.

    You're going to fit right in (yes, that can actually be a good thing at times)

    Just have fun with it and blog about what interests YOU then the rest should come easily.

    Adding you to my blog roll now and once again welcome aboard.
    Page at My Love of Old Hollywood

  14. Thanks for the encouragement Page! I am following your blog and I enjoyed your article on Little Shop of Horrors. I still need to watch it myself so who knows, maybe I'll be writing an article about it here someday!